Inspirational Quotes

1."Always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."- Christopher Robin

2.“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is Doing it.”- David Starr Jordan

3.No one ever won a chess match by making only forward moves..Just like in life..Sometimes u have to move backward to take a betterstep forward..

4.Laugh at your Mistakes but learn from them, Joke over your troubles but gather strength from them.have fun!overcome those difficulties.

5."You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile." -Brian Tracy

6.Wen bad things happen 2 us, God has a positive answer. U say: "I am afraid." God says: I have not given u a spirit of fear. (II Timothy 1:7)

7.GOD answers a prayer in 3 ways: YES, and he gives you what WANT; NO, and HE gives you something BETTER; WAIT, and he gives you the BEST :'>

8."Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." — George Bernard Shaw

9.If you were a pencil, God would be the eraser. He would always erase your mistakes no matter how often you make it.

10.All things are made to happen whether you like it or not. When everything seems to be hopeless, call God and He will surely give you strength.

11."mistake are painful when they happen, but years later...a collection of mistakes is called experience ...-exactly what life is made of"

12.Never feel sad on losing anything in your life. Cause whenever a tree loses its leaf, a new leaf is ready to take its place.

13.Don't let yourself be someone that people can underestimate.Live your life to the fullest and show them how special you are.

14.Happiness is a daily decision. You don't find it in the absence of problems. You find it despite the problems. Keep smiling!;-)

15.God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will. :))

16.Do not count what you have lost..Just see what you have now..Because past never comes back,but sometimes future gives back what you have lost..

17.One good reason why we should pray:"It's because GOD can do more in a second than what we can do for ourselves in a lifetime."

18.God always plan the best things for us..sometimes we feel being left out, but actually God is saving the better one than what we actually asked for..

19.Life always gives you back wat you give out..its a mirror of your own actions..your life is not a coincidence,but an echo of your own doings..

20.PRIDE is like some medicine that needs to be swallowed YES! it's bitter...but later on it will make you feel better
21."I won't dare question God why I suffer pain and anguish, why I experience hurt then cry cause I never try to question Him when I feel happiness and fortune."
22."When we are given heavy loads by God. It only means that we're worthy of His trust. He always listen when we pray, yet He answers them in His own time."
23."Too much alibi can destroy someones trust. It's better to be straight forward than to live in a world of lies."
24."Learn to enjoy the moment while it's there, for you'll never know until when it will last... not all good things and good people last forever."
25."We can't make other people understand us. We have to accept that having the opportunity to speak doesn't always give us the privilege to be understood. Rather, please God because God's approval is so much better than man's applause."
26."You will always see what’s wrong when you are right.But you will never know which is right when you are happy doing wrong."
27."God is like a computer. He ENTERS your life, SCANS your problems, EDITS your tension, DOWNLOADS solutions, DELETES your worries and SAVES you

28."Do u know why we shud be thankful? bcoz we may nver have evrytthing...but atlest,we NEVER had NOTHING...."
29.May GOD who knows the heart of your HEART,bless you abundantly, give you healthier body and grant your DEEPEST SILENT PRAYERS"
30.Past is "Experience"Present is an "Experiment"Future is an "Expectation"so don't 4get 2 use ur Experience in your Experment 2 meet ur Expectation!
31."Find joy in every simple things and see beauty in every situation. When times are difficult, remember that no pain comes without a purpose."
32.May god inspire u wen u fil down,encourage u wn u fil lyk quiting,& guide u wn ol thngs bcom confusing.Stay hapi coz dats hw GOD wnts u 2 b.
33.Your smile is one of the most important part of your personality, it is a mirror tha reflects the good things inside of keep smiling! :)
34.Time & things don't really last.What matters are d people we care about & d values we dare to live & share. Let lyf be as beautiful as your heart.

35.In the chase between cat and mouse,the mouse mostly wins..This is bcoz the cat is running for its food and the food for its life..LESSON?PURPOSE is more powerful than NEED! hope that we'll learn to live life not just with a need, but more so with a PURPOSE.

36.A journey to God starts wid small steps one step at a time he doesn't expect you to run d mile but he promises to give u d strength to go the distance.

37."never entertain ides which you know will bring lots of regrets and arguments..if you don't like the ending, never dare to start!"

38."Stay with the people who promises nothing to you but are willing to make you happy & you are being valued like no other..."

39."Find joy in every simple things and see beauty in every situation. When times are difficult, remmber that no pain comes without a purpose."

40.Sumtyms, God seems to be quite. He seems to b absent & nver listens. We call him but nver answers. We ask him 4 help but he nver rescues. I ask myslef, y GOD? In my deepest trouble you were nt with me? GOD smiled & told me, "I wil nver left u, i just want 2 watch u fighting, using MY words dat are stored in your heart & mind as your weapon. I'll always be with u just be with me always..

41."We will nver know how strong the light of a candle can be, until it is left in the dark. Likewise,our true strength as a person shall prove itself,until we're in our darkest moment.Let's stay strong, & with GOD, we're much tougher than we could ever imagine."

42.Happiness is somewhere between too little and too much. May you have just enough wealth to meet your needs but enough poverty to learn how to work hard. Enough blessings to know that God loves you but enough problems so you don't forget him. Enough happiness to keep you inspired but enough trials to keep you strong. WHO YOU ARE IS GOD'S GIFT TO YOU, but WHO YOU BECOME IS YOUR GIFT TO GOD!

43.My life is made of strong seasons some are short and others are long some are joyous and some are sad yet through each season - good or bad just knowing that you are always there make me feel a millionaire.

44."When you realize how hard it is to change will begin to understand what little chances we have of changing others..

45.I SHOULD:never expect never demand never assume SHOULD KNOW:my limits where i stand my role DON"T:get affected get jealous get paranoid I'll JUST:go with the flow and stay happy.

46.Lord as I thank you for the gift of life,I also thank you for the gift for wonderful people I have met along this journey.Some of them inspired me, stretched me, challenged me, loved me and encouraged me,but all of them helped me realized how meaningful & beautiful my life is. Bless them with love, good health, security, wealth, success, peace and joy. Grant their too! May 8 be so... Be safe and God bless!!!

47.Whenever you are stressed and about to give up, Remember,STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards.So it's just a piece of cake!

48."People may not reward or thank you for your actions,but when GOD is your reason for SERVING, your receive an even greater blessing in return."

49.Life doesn't get easier w/ age, it only gets challenging. Don't be afraid ur dreams,love if your inlove, cry if ur hurt. Don't GROW OLD,just GROW UP.

50.I woke up & thanked God 4 lending me again his breath & allowing me 2 enjoy his blessings 2day.& i want 2 share 8 with you....

51.When no one smiles back when you smile, try smiling at the mirror..your best comforter next to God is yourself and not them.

52.May the good Lord continue to bless yo uwith things that matter most in life "GIFT" of good health, happy home & peace of mind everyday!

53.The road to success is not STRAIGHT .Ders a CURVE called FAILUREa LOOP called CONFUSION .SPEED BUMPS called FRIENDS .RED LIGHTS called ENEMY .CAUTION LIGHTS called FAMILY .you will have FLAT TIRES called JOBS.but if you have SPARE called DETERMINATION .an ENGINE calledPERSEVERANCE .a DRIVER called GOD .you will make it 2 a place called..SUCCESS !!!

54.Attitude is like p0sing for pictures,we pose the way we want to be seen by others,but st0len sh0ts are captures who we really are...:)

55."Always keep y0ur w0rds s0ft and sweet,just in case y0u'll have to eat them,you can swall0w it well"

56.I was searching for true love, but i cudn't find my surprise.. I FOUND HIM! hanging on d cross dying for my sins a man named JESUS!

57.Let me share w/ u a beautiful allegory - The pencil maker told the pencils 5 important lessons:1st, everything u do will always leave a mark.2nd, u can always correct d mmistakes u make;3rd, wat i impt is what is inside u;4th, in life u will undergo painful sharpenings w/c will make u a better pencil.And most imprtantly, for you to become the best pencil, you must allow urself to be held & guided by d hand dat holds you!.

58.Let the lord fight your battles, deal with your problems & direct your decisions…When you have done your best, trust the lord to do the rest.

59.I rcvd s txt from a friend. I am 4warding 8 to u bcoz I blive dat u will pass 8 on. Bt f u r busy, I’ll understand. 38 seconds prayer: Lord, thank u for this great day I love and need you to come into my heart. Do bless me, my family, my home, my work and my friends. With you all things are possible. In jesus Christ name, Amen. Pls pass ds 2 8 pipol xcept me. Sumthng gud will cme 2 u 2mrow.

60.Be with people who knows your worth.You don’t need too many people to be happy.just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are.

61.Whenever you are stressed and about to give up, Remember,STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards.So it's just a piece of cake!

62.Lord as I thank you for the gift of life,I also thank you for the gift for wonderful people I have met along this journey.Some of them inspired me, stretched me, challenged me, loved me and encouraged me,but all of them helped me realized how meaningful & beautiful my life is. Bless them with love, good health, security, wealth, success, peace and joy. Grant their too! May 8 be so... Be safe and God bless!!!

63.I SHOULD:never expect never demand never assume SHOULD KNOW: my limits where i stand my role DON"T:get affected get jealousget paranoid I'll JUST: go with the flow and stay happy

64."When you realize how hard it is to change will begin to understand what little chances we have of changing others..

65.I learned to GIVE not because i have many. but because i know exactly how it feels to have NOTHING..

66.Sometimes REASONS are NOT really REASONS..Sometimes they are just stupid, nonsense, never ending EXCUSES! provides us with many options.. go on or give up hold on or let go stay or leave but its comforting to know dat GOD remains faithful w/c ever way we go.

68.A prayer can go where i can't go..thru prayer, i can b w/ those i carew/o being der..u may b away but im sure ur ok coz dat's wat i pray..

69.they say happiness is a choice, i guess it's not..we all want to be happy but sometimes..the situation won't allow us to be..

70.Surender doesnt min ur weak.. der r things u need 2 giv up not bcoz ur tyrd of it.. but bcoz u know that no matter wat u do it is not meant for you.

71.When something bad happens,you drink to forget wen something gud happens,you drink to celebrate& when nothing happens,you drink 2 make something happen.

72.Point 2 Ponder:"There's no such thing as being too busy...if you really want something you'll make time for it."

73.Sometimes, u dont need to confront a just need to act differently for them to figure out their fault..

74.With money u can buy a haus, but not a home; a clock, but not a time; a bed, but not sleep; a book but not knowledge; see a docotr but not good health; buy a position, but not respect;blood but not life; sex but not luv. dis chinese proverbs brings luck. It orginated from Netherlands. Dis has gone around d world 8 times. Its ur turn to have gud luck once you've rcvd it. this isnt a joke. your luck will arive by mail or via d internet. Send a copy to people hu rili need luck. dont send money 'coz you cant buy.

75.The defining moments of our lives are not determined by the evil done to us, but by our response tru the grace and power of GOD.

76.When you feel empty when you feel sad don't forget that her would always be to gud friends who will never leave you."GOD up there & "love down here!

77."Life isn't always the way we want it to be.what matters is..we live with good intentions and give happiness to those we met along the way..

78.God deserves a pause a hug a thank you because we are wrapped in a beautiful truht that WE ARE LOVED WITHOUT MEASURE.


79.JESUS said" Count ur blessings,not ur problem..
always think positive..always pray 2 GOD coz he hears u..
be thankful 4 all the blessings that u received everyday!
have faith in him, coz he will never ever leave u 4ever!
God loves u..


80.Dont take lyf seriously
always find tym 2 laugh rmmber dat laughter
will not only add years 2 ur lyf but will defintely
add life 2 ur years stay hapi..


81.Don't count wat u lost..
cherish what u have and plan wat 2 gain
coz d past nver returns
but d future may replace wat u've lost.


82.i learned to cheer up & appreciate others
not because my life is perfect.
but because know the feeling
of being nothing to others.


83.Expectations may hurt you in later time
because in life whether you like it or not
things just happen any time it wants.


84.Always remember
life is never

without a problem
wihtout difficulty
hurtful comitments
but never wihout God to lean on. gud morning.


85.The love of God is like the ocean..
u can see it's beginnings but not its end.
God loves you beyond measure.
In a way u can never imagine.


86.Everything dat God allows 2 come our way is with a purpose.
He uses even the greatest error and deepest hurt to mold us
into a person of worth and value..


87."Sufferings are cause by being in the wrong place.
if you're unhappy where you are,


88.May ur morning b a garden of GOD's 1derful
blessings & ur lyf blossoms w/ every dream dat's
close 2 ur heart GOD b w/ u in everything
u do.


89.The most beautiful people are those who
have known defeat, suffering, struggle and loss.
Yet they still have found their way out..


90.GOD has 5 gifts 4 u 2day:
A KEY 4every prblem, a LIGHT 4 evry problem,
a LIGHT 4 every shadow,
a PLAN 4 every 2morrow
a JOY 4 evry sorrow
& A NEW DAY full of blessings.


91."no one can change a person....
but a person can be a reason for a person to change.."

92.Watever gives u laughter do it more
often bcuz it will bring light
2 ur heart, energy 2 ur body n wondes 2 ur soul.
so always be happy.


Nobody is stupid,
It's just that sometimes,
we choose to be stupid for us to feel
a little bit of what they call,


94."Sumtyms we have to be very careful on
dropping things,
because they may fall into places wer we cannot
pick them up anymore..


95."if last night you can't sleep..
it might be because you're awake
in someone else's dream.."


96."All the water in the ocean could never sink
a ship unless it gets inside..likewise,
all the pressures of life can never hurt you
let it in..


97.10% of conflicts are due to difference in opinion..
90% is due to wrong tone of voice
simple but makes sense.


98.Life's lesson..
"You won't know how much someone cares
for you until you realize they don't care anymore".


99."When i got enough confidence, the stage was gone.
When i was sure of losing, i won.
when i needed people the most, they left me.
when i learned to dry my tears, i found a shoulder
to cry on.
and when i mastered the skills of hating,
somebody started loving me.


100."It's impossible to find someone who will never hurt you..
so go for the one who's worth all the pain.


101.after a long nyt sleep,
here comes a new day,
new hope
ne challengesLet GOD be ur guide..
& make ur day wondrful..


102.Prayer is the most cleansing therapy
of the heart & soul.
It converts the hateful thoughts
into clean, kind & pure
breath of the spirit.


103.God has a reason for allowing
things to happen. We may never understand
HIs wisdom but we simply have to
trust his will.


104.Its a joy to feel GOD'S love embracing
you, as HE whispers:" KEEP GOING!"
I'm with you not just on special days
but every moment of your life.


105."Just when we thought we're already matured,
unexpected events will make us realize we still
have lots of growing up to do".


106."Accepting & trying to moved on"
sounds easy, ryt?
the application of that theory simply


107.In ur journey 2 life,
d word of God is ur map & his wisdom
is ur compass.
& wen u face battles, let love b ur armor
& let GOD b ur shelter..


108.God wnts us 2 live like d grass,
evn if it is stepped on,
crushed, burned, & cut,
it always prsists & grows bak
evn greener & stronger!


Doreamon once told nobita:
"The only person dat can make us totally
happy is the one who made us lonely..
simple yet make sense...


110.God always plan the best things for us..
sometimes we feel being left out, but actually
God is saving the better one than what
we actually asked for..


111.Let jesus b the start & end of all ur plans..
You can do all things thru him who guides &
strenghten u..
Jesus loves u & cares for u..


112."the mind is d only one w/c can mke the right
but undeniably,
the heart decides for your happiness even if it's wrong..


113.y do misplaced things appear wen not nided?
& unseen wen u want it d most?
simply bcuz, u weren't aware of its value unless
ur about to make use of it..


114.I wouldn't force myself to have space in anyone's life.
coz if they really know my worth,
they'll surely create one for me..:(


-look back & THANK GOD.
-look 4ward & TRUST GOD..
-look around & SERVE GOD.
-look from within & FIND GOD.


116.when we make decisions there are
always 2 thoughts to consider..
-- if you're half way sure, FORGET IT.
-- if you're sure, THINK AGAIN..


117.Im just lyk a great movie.
d problem..
d problem is..
no matter
how great movie i maybe,
after d show,
still evrybody leaves me..


118.It's always better to accept the fact that you are
not appreciated,
than to insists yourself to someone who never sees
you worth..


119.The most logical work of philosophy is embodied in 10 words:
"STAY if you are happy. LEAVE if you are not."


120.d more love is silently expressed,
the more obvious it can be seen
no wonder God loves us in silence but gives us mostly
unnoticed blessings.


121.pipols criticms on u doesn't actually reveals
wat kind of person u r. coz n reality,
it reveals wat kind of person they r.


122.Trusting God in everything is the softest pillow
on which to rest and the hardest rock to stand on!
God is with us all the time,


123.The real essence of saying the truth is not
for them to believe you.
It's for them to realize that you don't have time to lie..


124.wise cracks:
always tell the truth...
that way,
you don't have to memorize what you'll say. would you measure ur sadness??
its not on d amount of tears u've shed..
but on how many times u've faked a smile.. life,
there is always one special person..
so special, that no matter what he/she did to you,
you just can't let go.


127."it is better to end
something and start another
than to imprison myself myself in hoping
for the impossible."


It's just something that happens as we age up;
we realize that it's nonsense to FLIRT w/
whats important s to have SOMEONE..


129.No one ever won a chess match by making only
forward moves..
Just like in life..

Sometimes u have to move backward to take a better
step forward..'s a little irony..

the more you center your life on someone..
the more unattractive you become to that person..


131.Maybe the reason why we don't admit
how special something is..
its because we don't want to deal the reality of pain
when we lose it..


132.if there is 1 mistake in my whole lifetime that
i can tolerate,
it is when i'm kind even 2 those who
are not deserving..


if your looking for a happy ending
and you couldn't find one.
why don't you find a new beginning instead?


134.Life always gives you back wat you give out..
its a mirror of your own actions..
your life is not a coincidence,
but an echo of your own doings..


135."as u get older, every choice dat u mke defyns
wat prson ur gona turn into..
& evry once in a wyl, u nid 2 luk at urslf
& ask f u lyk d prson ur bcomng"


"Feelings are also living things, they live inside the heart of
the person..and like other living things, they also die for
different reasons."


137."a sense of purpose is the best driving force to live"
when u have a reason to live, u will nver have a
reason to quit..


138.DECISIONS are the hardest thing to make..
Especially wen it's a choice between where
you should be and where you want to be.


It's in front of you,It's beside you.
It's behind you. It's around you.
It's just a matter of APPRECIATION.


140.Challenges makes you more responsible.Always remember that life without struggle is a life without success.Don’t give up and learn not to quit..